5 Successful Hotel Website Examples

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In Hotelwize, we talk a lot about the elements that compose the best hotel websites and make sure that we include them in all our implementations. Here, we have gathered 5 examples of hotel websites, where one can see the actions and features that make our clients' websites successful, assisting them to increase their sales and their revenue.

1. NJV Athens Plaza


The new appealing website of NJV Athens Plaza was based on Hotelwize's Business Class Canvas and it is a prime example of Hotelwize's effectiveness and ability to respond to the most demanding projects. The emblematic hotel in the center of Athens, assigned Hotelwize to develop an easy-to-use website that highlights the quality of its accommodation, its luxurious profile, all its amenities and services as well as its intense social actions. The Business Class Canvas was the best choice for promoting a 5-star city hotel such as NJV Athens Plaza, enhancing its online image through a range of features.

  • Aesthetics: Clear design, with robust lines and intensity in the use of the excellent photos that luxury hotels have.
  • Functionality (UX): Easy navigation and efficient presentation of the entire content of the website on all devices (responsive hotel website).
  • Services and Facilities: Special modules for optimal promotion of the individual facilities of the hotel, such as Restaurant, Bar, Event Areas.
  • Location: Promotion of the location as the main factor influencing the guest booking behavior for city hotels, with a specialized section and interactive map.
  • Social Responsibility: Presentation of the social responsibility actions taken by the company, through the use of respective pages.

2. Divine Cave Experience


Divine Cave Experience is one of the most luxurious new accommodation proposals in Santorini. In search for an responsive website for its all-new digital presence, Divine Cave Experience assigned Hotelwize to develop a website that would emphasize its luxurious character, highlight its exceptional suites and effectively present the guests' experience during their stay at the hotel. The canvas chosen to support the needs of the Divine Cave Experience was the Luxury Resort Canvas, that presents in the best possible way the experience that the property offers. Through a combination of elements, the canvas succeeds to meet the requirements of luxury resort hotels and enhance their image.

  • Aesthetics: Fresh design with distinctive effect elements and comprehensive presentation of the most important information.
  • Functionality (UX): Open navigation menu for more direct access to internal facilities and experiences pages and optimal customization of navigation on all devices (responsive hotel website).
  • Information: Complete presentation of both accommodation options and services provided.
  • Experiences: Highlighting the experiences that the visitor of the property can have inside or outside the hotel with special pages, while also offering suggestions and an interactive map for the location section.

3. Balos Beach


The Balos Beach hotel website is a prime example of the use of Hotelwize's technological excellence in combining high aesthetics with sales efficiency. Through the "Liquid e-Commerce" integration of the booking process on the hotel's website, the guest is given the opportunity to proceed with a booking through multiple sections of the website and complete his booking without ever leaving the website. For the development of the Balos Beach website, the Apartments & Suites Canvas was selected, emphasizing on the presentation of the apartments and suites on all devices, focusing on supporting the property's sales. The Apartments & Suites canvas in combination with the "Liquid e-Commerce" booking flow strengthens the hotel's sales actions, based on a set of widgets that enable the user to start the booking process from anywhere on the website without leaving it.

  • Presentation of Rooms & Suites: Enhances the presentation of the accommodation options available, emphasizing on the interior and on the amenities of the hotel.
  • Sales Enhancement: Through the "Liquid e-Commerce" integration of the booking process, bookings are completed on the website by increasing the conversion rate and the number of direct bookings.
  • Offers Presentation: The available offers are presented dynamically, enhancing the effectiveness of the website at a sales level.
  • Location: The special features of the hotel location are displayed through an interactive map and highlights in the area.

4. Xenios Chalet


Xenios Chalet is an exceptional case of a winter hotel that aims to increase awareness, promote quality and enrich the experience of its guests through its fast website. Hotelwize's solution for winter hotels or mountain accommodation is the Mountain Hotel Canvas that was also chosen for Xenios Chalet. This specialized canvas that adapts to all screens (responsive hotel website) focuses on the needs of guests selecting winter accommodations. The Mountain Hotel Canvas successfully presents the quality of the accommodation options, the facilities of the property and the activities and experiences that the hotel guest has the opportunity to experience during their stay, inside or outside the property. Taking advantage of the special elements offered by the Mountain Hotel Canvas, the website of Xenios Chalet, showcases the property in the best possible way.

  • Aesthetics: Design with simple lines that focuses on highlighting the cozy atmosphere that mountain hotels offer.
  • Functionality (UX): "Above the fold" view of the availability search form to enhance sales and open menu for more direct access to the various sections of the website.
  • Presentation of Information: Clear and in-depth presentation of information on accommodation options, amenities, offers and available activities and experiences.
  • Photos: Extensive use of photos of the property, the area and the proposed activities and slideshow of large dimensions in the gallery section.

5. La Madone


A typical example of traditional hospitality in the South of France, Villa La Madone, needed a new website that will not only promote its accommodation, relaxation facilities and available activities, but also give an idea of the experience that the villa's guests will have. The Hotelwize team chose the Villas Canvas for the promotion of La Madone, which is its special proposal for villa websites. The canvas, with simple aesthetics and a clear presentation of the information of the accommodation, can excellently support both the need for the dynamic presentation of the villas, as well as the limited material that usually similar accommodations have. The canvas chosen for Villa La Madone has the elements that ensure the best possible web presence of the accommodation.

  • Aesthetics: Design with simple aesthetics that corresponds to the content range of the villas and use of large-scale photos offering a preview of the actual experience.
  • Functionality (UX): Open menu for direct access to other information and optimal customization of the navigation on all devices (responsive hotel website).
  • Location: Presentation of the location of the property in relation to the main points of interest of the area through an interactive map.
  • Flexibility: Ability to use a booking engine for direct bookings or alternatively provide a request form.

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