Hotelwize Wins Gold at Tourism Awards 2023 for its Web Content Personalization

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Hotelwize, our innovative platform for hotel websites, has been awarded the Gold Award at the Tourism Awards 2023 for its Web Content Personalization feature. This cutting-edge technology has set the standard for the hospitality industry by enabling hotels to create a personalized experience for their website visitors.

The Web Content Personalization functionality of Hotelwize enables hotels to identify the guest-type of each website visitor and show them the content that is most relevant to their needs and characteristics. This is achieved through tracking their preferences during the booking process or detecting the marketing campaign through which they arrived at the website.

By creating personas for their main marketing audiences based on factors such as the number of guests, length of stay, country of origin, device used, and period of stay, hoteliers can show relevant content to each guest-type and avoid showing generic or irrelevant content. With Hotelwize's Web Content Personalization feature, hotels can use deep linking to create a whole new version of their website, providing a holistic web experience for their targeted audience and eliminating the need for landing pages, with limited content and functionalities. Custom content for marketing campaigns on various social media platforms can be used by hoteliers to target guests directly to the content they are interested in, making it easier for them to find the information they need and make a booking.

Hotelwize's receipt of the Gold Award at the 2023 Tourism Awards is a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and excellence. The Web Content Personalization feature has been enthusiastically received by hoteliers, and Hotelwize is continuously working to improve its clients' websites and offer the most exceptional solutions for hotel websites.

With Hotelwize's Web Content Personalization feature, hoteliers can provide a personalized experience for their guests, which increases their engagement with the hotel's brand and encourages them to book directly.

Hotelwize is paving the way for innovative solutions for hotel websites, and the Gold Award at the Tourism Awards 2023 is a testament to its commitment to providing outstanding websites to our clients!


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