Use the best apps for your hotel website

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A Hotel website always has a dual role. On the one hand, it should be attractive to challenge the potential guest to select it and on the other, it should be functional to support both the sales and the operation of the property.

In order to achieve the second, a simple website is not enough, it is also necessary to use various applications that work simultaneously to increase sales, improve communication and develop the marketing strategy of the hotel.

Apps for Hotel Websites

The most common application that should be added to a hotel website is the hotel booking engine. Through the addition of a booking engine, the hotel enables its guests to check availability and prices for the dates they are interested in, better understand the options they have and complete a direct booking.

Price comparison widgets have been dynamically displayed in recent years. This is an effective function in which prices are presented on various channels (such as and Expedia) and highlights the best price offered by the hotel for direct booking. This function significantly supports the effectiveness of the booking engine.

Chat apps are another service that enhances the operation of a hotel website, improving the accommodation's communication with its guests. The use of chat applications includes both sales actions to potential guests and service to existing guests of the property.

Another basic functionality that makes it easier for the property to communicate with its guests is to subscribe to newsletter lists. By incorporating corresponding registration forms into the website, the hotel can directly enrich the range of the public receiving its updates, while keeping pace with the requirements of the GDPR standards on the protection of personal data. In addition to the accommodation options, the hotel's website offers additional services or activities that the property can provide to its guests.

Activity booking systems are useful tools that can enhance both the sales and service process and the revenue from these services. Finally, marketing applications that are not shown to the hotel's guests but record their behavior and preferences should not be omitted, giving the property valuable information, which its specialized executives can use to determine the hotel's marketing strategy.

Integrate with the best hotel apps through Hotelwize

Hotelwize's platform provides pre-installed connections to several of the most popular third-party applications for hotel websites. In this way, if a hotel chooses to use an application and concludes an agreement with the respective company, the installation of the interface on the hotel's website is a matter of a few minutes.

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