• High aesthetics and optimal functionality (UX/ UI)
  • Optimization for mobile phones and mobile devices (Responsive Design)
  • Special customization for search engines (SEO Friendly)
  • Fast load and response speed (Performance)
  • Disabled-friendly design (WCAG 2.0 for Accessibility)
  • Built-in functions based on GDPR regulations
  • Top hosting services from the largest companies worldwide (Hosting)
  • Certificate of encryption of the website content (SSL certificate)

Creating a website for hotels, or other tourist accommodations, is an important step forward. This is not only because of the investment required during its development, but mainly because of the effect that the hotel website can have on bookings.

A “good” website can point out the advantages of an accommodation and its services and contribute significantly to increasing sales as well as reducing the cost of commission to third parties. A “rough” online hotel presence on the other hand can have “catastrophic” consequences for direct hotel bookings.

Many hoteliers or accommodation owners are content to ask for “something beautiful” that will satisfy them aesthetically when choosing a website for their hotel. But is that enough?

Hotel websites developed by Hotelwize meet this requirement but also go far beyond it!

Even though the development of a website has become a complex affair, hotel websites offered by Hotelwize support all the important parameters that contribute to the effective promotion of your hotel on the internet and eventually lead to an increase in direct bookings!

High aesthetics and optimal functionality (UX/UI)

Hotelwize’s websites clearly give priority to the impeccable aesthetic, which is consistent with the image and services of your property. As hotel experts, we focus on the user experience, the booking process and the functionality of the hotel website.

Optimization for mobile phones and mobile devices (Responsive Design)

The majority of internet users search for holiday information, select accommodation and book via smartphones or tablets. Hotelwize websites are developed with a mobile first logic, prioritizing the user experience through small screens, thus optimizing the effectiveness of your website.

Fast Load and Response Speed (Performance)

One of the main reasons why internet users leave a hotel website is the slow “loading” of the content of the page. Hotelwize’s specialized technical team performs continuous checks to ensure that your hotel’s website has the best possible speed when it comes to displaying content.

Top hosting services from the world’s largest hosting companies (Hosting)

Your hotel has an uninterrupted online presence, with the highest uptime ratios (99%). By choosing top servers for hosting customers’ hotel websites we ensure uninterrupted access of all users to the website.

Special customization for search engines (SEO Friendly)

One of the main factors in the success of a website is its degree of efficiency in its appearance in search engines. The websites developed by the Hotelwize team include all the functionality necessary to integrate the best practices for search engine optimization.

Disabled-friendly design (WCAG 2.0 for Accessibility)

One of the most important modern trends in the development of a website for hotels is the customization for their use by people with disabilities. Through a set of actions, the websites we develop facilitate access to people with visual, hearing or moving difficulties. In addition to the social importance of this action, you open your online presence to an additional group of potential customers while at the same time meeting the provisions of the relevant European Regulations.

Built-in functions based on GDPR regulations

Although compliance with the European Union Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) is a set of online and offline actions on the part of any company, Hotelwize’s websites include a number of features that facilitate the compliance of tourism entrepreneurs with GDPR’s hotel regulations – privacy policies, cookie management, etc.

Encryption certificate of website content (SSL certificate)

The security of your website’s content and customer information is a top priority. The use of an SSL certificate is not only necessary but also a parameter that increases customers’ confidence in your business and works positively for your direct bookings.

Choose the Hotelwize solution for your hotel’s new website and get the best “packaged deal” for your online presence! Don’t take any risks with your website!

Talk now with our team of experts and acquire a new website that will highlight your online presence and increase direct bookings.