The requirements for the development of a new website for a luxury hotel, and especially for 5-star resort hotels, are extremely high. The new website should be able to justly support the image of the accommodation, underlining its quality characteristics while effectively promoting its amenities and services.

The Luxury Resort Canvas is Hotelwize’s new proposal for a 5-star hotel website as well as for luxury resorts, covering all the needs of a demanding hotel unit that wants to promote both its accommodation services but also the individual services and amenities provided.

Design that focuses on Luxury

The aesthetics of the Luxury Resort Canvas by Hotelwize, has been developed according to the requirements of luxury accommodation and it is harmoniously combined with high quality hotel photos. With simple lines and modern style, the design of the new canvas highlights all the quality features of the property.

Following the growing tendency of users to mainly use their mobile devices to browse hotel websites, Hotelwize applies the mobile-first logic to this canvas as well. The main objective of the page design architecture is to ease navigation and content display to any screen, while clearly and directly presenting all information.

Flexible structure to meet the needs of the Resort Hotels

Through its flexible structure and multiple page alternatives, Hotelwize gives the opportunity to the hotels that will choose the Luxury Resort Canvas to:

  • Present their facilities either grouped or individually
  • Present restaurants either grouped or individually and add the menus of each restaurant
  • Present their SPA and Treatments by integrating the respective menu of services
  • Present MICE services with corresponding pages
  • Present any service or group of services (e.g. children’s services or concierge services)

In addition, hotels have the option to add communication forms to the corresponding pages that will be linked to the recipients who manage these services.

Overall, the Luxury Resort Canvas enables luxury hotels and luxury resorts to acquire a complete turn-key solution that will upgrade their digital presence and fully meet their needs!

The technology that Luxury Hotel Websites deserve

Luxury hotel websites are demanding not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of speed and safety. The Luxury Resort Canvas has been developed based on the best hotel website technology used by Hotelwize’s new platform.

This technology ensures unique content display speeds, reaching up to 99% in Google checks, while anti-hacking practices ensure the maximum level of security for the website. At the same time, the ability to connect with third-party services enables luxury hotels to immediately and seamlessly add the best add-ons for their online presence such as hotel booking engines, price comparison widgets, chat services and booking engines for tour operators, restaurants, and other services.

Contact Hotelwize’s team directly at [email protected] or at 2160704050 and learn more about how to get a new website based on the luxury resort canvas design in just 7 days.