Hotels that have the advantage of being in Nature, have a number of special features that differentiate them, which should also be highlighted in their digital presence. Thus, a website for a winter hotel or a website for hotels on the mountain or by a lake, requires a design that will underline both the location and the natural beauty of the area, as well as the special services and experiences offered by such an accommodation.

Desing Highlighting the Location

The strongest feature of hotels embraced by nature is undoubtedly their location. Hotels in winter destinations or all-year-round resorts in picturesque landscapes, are chosen by travelers for the beauty of their surrounding landscape and for the many opportunities offered to get in touch with nature. A website for hotels in nature should highlight the location and experiences it offers.

Hotelwize’s Natural Retreat Canvas is designed to promote the natural landscape surrounding the hotels and present the activities offered in them. The view from the rooms, the beauty of the nature, the harmonious balance of the accommodation’s architecture with its environment, are elements on which the team of the specialized web designers of Hotelwize has focused with the aim to share the experience the traveler will have during his stay through the website.

Apart from the aesthetic value, however, the design of the Natural Retreat Canvas fully supports the need of potential guests to acquire clear information. An interactive map presents the main points of interest of the area underlining the importance of the location of the property, while at the same time giving accommodations the opportunity to add detailed access instructions on the page and promote the main attractions and activities nearby.

Showcasing Facilities and Services

Natural Retreat Canvas is the ideal choice for website development for hotels in winter destinations or accommodations in landscapes of particular natural beauty, not only because of the promotion of the natural landscape but also for a set of functions such as the effective presentation of the facilities and services that the accommodations offer.

With pages dedicated to individual services, such as spa, massage, or yoga classes, but also to facilities such as restaurants or conference rooms as well as the possibility of connecting with a booking engine for activities and experiences, Natural Retreat Canvas enables hotels to effectively promote and sell both accommodation as well as other individual services and amenities.

Functional and Effective Website for Nature Hotels

Natural Retreat Canvas has all the features that meet the needs of a website for winter hotels or hotels in nature. With a responsive design, easily accessible from all devices such as computers, laptop, tablets and mobiles, that is also oriented towards viewing the best offers and receiving direct bookings, as well as the best technology ensuring optimum loading speed and security, Natural Retreat Canvas is the best website design choice for hotels with an excellent location.

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