Promote your hotel before it is built

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The construction of a hotel is a costly and complex process that takes time and a series of coordinated efforts by many different professionals to achieve the best result.

Such a demanding process often results in overlooking other important actions that will play an important role in the profitability of the new hotel, such as its promotion.

Why should I promote my hotel before its construction is complete?

As important and complex as the construction of a new hotel may be, one should not forget that the ultimate goal is the profitability of the business, which of course presupposes effective sales.

There are many examples of hotels that due to lack of organization and planning, after the completion of the construction of the hotel, took a long time to staff their business, organize their sales and start welcoming their first guests.

Which are the main promotional actions before building a hotel?

  • Choose marketing and sales executives or partners
    Depending on the size and capabilities of your property, you should choose the executives or external partners who will undertake the planning as well as marketing and sales actions of your business.
  • Choose a company for the branding of your property
    Your property should have a clear position on the market, and its identity should define its every action, even its construction. Define your target audience and choose a name, logo and branding as early as possible.
  • Ask your architect to create 3d renders
    3d rendering is a practice that can effectively capture the hotel's premises before it is completed. The new technology enables architects and designers to create high-quality 3d renders that are often not inferior to real photos.
  • Register domains and get company emails
    A comprehensive branding strategy involves registering the best domain for your hotel. At the same time, you can get the official emails for your business.
  • Publish a Landing Page
    However, it is also necessary to create a Landing Page for your hotel that will present the name and logo of the accommodation, a brief description, 3d render images and physical contact details. Do not rest on a "Coming Soon" page, as this cannot give the prestige of a hotel Landing Page, nor contribute positively to the more effective listing of your new website in the search engines as a Hotel Landing Page would do.
  • Create a Website
    In a second stage and since you will now have more material and more specific information about the rooms and services of your hotel, you can proceed from the Hotel's Landing Page to the development of a hotel website.
    Prepare the texts of your website and along with the 3d render images that your architect will prepare for you, proceed with the development of the complete website for your hotel.
    By choosing the right company to build your hotel website, when the construction of your property is complete, you will be able to easily update the information you want and replace the 3d render images with real photos.
  • Create your property's social media and listings
    Having the Landing page or Website as the main reference point of your online presence, choose the social media that you will use to promote your business and create your accounts highlighting the corporate identity of your property and its placement in the market on your first posts. At the same time, create a listing on Google My Business and similar services.
  • Start sales and public relations actions
    Install a booking engine for your direct bookings, register your property in OTAs using your 3d render as photos (it's a practice most OTAs accept) and get in touch with resellers and local tourism promotion organizations. Having an attractive Landing Page or even better a Hotel Website is the best tool to gain the trust of your future partners.

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