Liquid e-Commerce: The ultimate innovation in hotel websites

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At Hotelwize we envisioned the new era of hotel websites and transferred the ease of use of online stores to websites of different types of accommodation.

Through Liquid e-Commerce technology, the booking process is integrated into the hotel's website, while at the same time a series of individual functions highlights the option of direct booking and enhances the efficiency of the hotel website in terms of direct bookings and upselling.

Booking Process Integration into the Website

In the majority of hotel websites, when the guest chooses to make a reservation, he is led to an external link which is in a different url, in an environment with a different aesthetic clearly offering a different user experience. Such a practice reduces the customer's trust in the booking process, causes confusion and often results to the cancellation of the actual booking.

Through Hotelwize's Liquid e-Commerce technology, there is no actual destinction between the hotel's website and the booking engine. Now the guests can complete their reservations without ever leaving the hotel website, which acts as a catalyst in the increase of conversions and consequently of direct bookings.

Dynamic Rate Presentation

Hotelwize's new technology allows hotels to dynamically integrate their rates and booking process in multiple locations of their website. The hotel's website tracks the search made by the guest and offers the possibility to dynamically display the available prices and offers for the dates chosen by the guest on every page related to the accommodation and the hotel's pricing policy.

Rates can be displayed:

  • On the accommodation page where all room types are presented
  • On the internal pages of each room type
  • On the pages of the offers
  • Photos of the Gallery that show room types

Easy and Immediate Booking Process

From all sections of the website where rates are dynamically incorporated, the guest is given the opportunity to proceed to a booking. Thus, the visitor of the website can complete his reservation on any commercial page of the website, bypassing the intermediate steps of new search, room selection and price, significantly improving the Conversion Rate of the website in terms of direct bookings.

Effective Room Upgrade Promotion

At the same time, through the Upselling function, Hotelwize's Liquid e-Commerce enables hotels to promote the possibility of an Upgrade to a better room type within the page of each room by dynamically presenting their price difference. Thus, while the guest is browsing a particular room type, he is discreetly informed of the difference he will have to pay to choose a better room. This feature strengthens the hotel's actions to increase revenue per booking, even before the guest completes his reservation. All functions of the Liquid e-Commerce have been designed and developed by the Hotelwize team with great focus on their functionality and artistic integration into the design of each Canvas so as not to affect the user experience. Through the incorporation of the Liquid e-Commerce in its website, the hotel upgrades not only the image of the Brand that its guests receive and consequently their trust in the brand, but also strengthens the Conversion Rate in terms of direct bookings by more than 50%, reducing costs to third parties such as OTA, Wholesalers and Travel Agencies.

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