Specialized Websites for every Property

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By setting as a principle that each customer is special and that each type of accommodation has its own special characteristics and needs, Hotelwize develops specialized Canvases for each type of property and adopts a flexible pricing policy to support its purpose.

Hotelwize Canvas for every accommodation

As the most specialized solution for the development of hotel websites, Hotelwize develops a series of canvases that are used respectively as the basis for the creation of the website of each accommodation. Depending on the type and specific characteristics of each unit, a Canvas is chosen to better highlight both the company's material (photos and texts) and its facilities.

Hotelwize's team of experts analyzes the property's details and suggests the best choice for each hotel or rental accommodation. Hotelwize's canvases cover a wide range of options and enable many different types of accommodations to acquire their own optimized website:

  • Luxury Hotels
  • Hotels with a very special character - such as a Design hotel
  • Resorts
  • Boutique Hotels
  • City Hotels
  • Hotels in Summer destinations
  • Hotels in Winter destinations
  • Tourist Apartment Rental Companies
  • Villas
  • Individual Properties
  • Business Flats
  • Companies managing Short-term Rental Properties

... and many more! Accommodation facilities, hotel size, branding, location, and target markets are just some of the elements that play an important role in choosing the Canvas that best suits a Hotelwize client hotel.

Flexible Pricing Policy

Hotelwize also adjusts its pricing policy along with the specialized canvases for each type of accommodation. Starting from €990 for website setup for villas, apartments or vacation rentals, Hotelwize's prices meet the needs of each accommodation! Providing the best value for money for each hotel, the prices of Hotelwize's websites vary to meet the needs of both accommodations with limited investment potential as well as of luxury hotels in need of more demanding websites.

Contact the Hotelwize team and discuss with our experts the canvas that best suits the characteristics, requirements, and financial capabilities of your business!


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