Based on the experience provided by the "Business Class", Hotelwize's Business Class Canvas is aimed at accommodation properties that provide high-quality services. A canvas suitable for developing websites for luxury hotels or large hotel units, the Business Class Canvas is the ideal solution for highlighting the unique features of high-end accommodation.

The design of the Business Class Canvas is based on clear lines that support and display the photos of the property, conveying the actual experience that a guest will enjoy during his stay to the user. Adapted for computers, tablets and smartphones, the architecture of the website offers easy navigation allowing the visitor to immediately locate the information he seeks, whether it is related to the characteristics of the rooms and the options provided for his stay, or additional amenities such as food and entertainment or experiences and activities.

In the Location section, the location of the hotel, as well as nearby suggestions (such as beaches, attractions, points of interest), are presented in detail, while the use of the interactive map helps visitors understand better the position of the hotel and its proximity to the main points of interest.

In addition to highlighting the aesthetics and the actual experience offered by the hotel, Hotelwize's Business Class Canvas also promotes sales, both in terms of direct bookings and other services provided in a luxury accommodation, such as restaurants, spa, conferences.

Following the best practices in hotel website development, the ability to book rooms is integrated into selected locations of the website, both through a Call-to-action Button and through Availability Search Forms. At the same time, each individual service can have its own internal page with a detailed description of its features, and the possibility of adding a booking link, as well as a stand-alone contact form.

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