Hotelwize's Design Hotel Canvas is the ideal solution for accommodations with special aesthetics, such as Boutique Hotels, Luxury Villas and Exclusive Accommodations. The soothing design, the refined effects and the clear structure, highlight the unique character of the hotels that focus on their special design and personalized service.

The Design Hotel Canvas goes beyond the typical design of accommodation websites and with the use of distinctive effects creates a special experience of displaying content, where the details in the design and the unique characteristics of the hotel play the primary role.

The design of the new Design Hotel Canvas focuses on highlighting the quality photos that such properties typically have. Through a smooth design, the canvas designers have succeeded in enhancing the dynamics of the photographic material, creating an impressive result. The distinctive effects that are used enhance the aesthetics, without slowing down the performance of the website in terms of speed of content display. At the same time, the special Photo Gallery section presents all accommodation photos in an excellent way.

The clear design of the Design Hotel Canvas and the discreet but effective integration of booking elements, such as Booking Buttons and Availability Forms, contribute to the easy and seamless transition of travelers to the booking process for rooms or services. At the same time, the special offers section and the special presentation pages for each standalone Offer as well as the Banners that are added to selected points of the Canvas for the promotion of the Offers or the possibility to Upgrade Rooms, enhance the sales activities of the property.

With a unique set of available pages and an expandable structure, the Design Hotel Canvas, gives hoteliers the opportunity to present any section concerning the hotel and its services. The menu of the website is expandable and the hotels that choose this canvas are given the opportunity to add the sections they want, while the available master pages of the canvas can be used even for the presentation of the most specialized sections.

The "mobile-first" website development philosophy, which now characterizes all Hotelwize proposals, responds to the continuous increase in the percentage of travelers who visit hotel websites through their mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) and ensures the optimal user experience from any device for all hotels that choose Hotelwize.

The Design Hotel Canvas is an ideal solution both for accommodations that provide exclusively accommodation services, as well as for hotels that offer additional amenities and services for which specialized pages can be developed.

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