Escaping from the mainstream hotel category, Hotelwize introduces the Elegant Hotel Canvas featuring a minimal and elegant design that perfectly suits hotels of unique aesthetics with an eclectic guest base.

At Hotelwize we create a series of Canvases to meet the special needs of every particular type of accommodation. We focus on the diversity of accommodation groups to cover their unique characteristics and emphasize on the elements that highlight their value and dynamics.

The hoteliers who choose the Elegant Hotel Canvas actually make a statement that will attract the attention of the market as a whole and of their customers! At Elegant Hotel Canvas, Hotelwize's award-winning designers chose to free the website's design from additional design elements and focus on simplicity, clear information, and photos of the accommodation. Through simple lines and discreet effects, the website visitor gets to know the hotel through a magazine-look-alike environment!

The design and functions of the Elegant hotel canvas have been developed based on a mobile first logic. With statistics showing that the number of users who visit hotel websites from mobile devices is constantly increasing, reaching in many cases more than 70%, Hotelwize is developing its new canvases, not simply based on their Responsiveness but by setting the use on mobile devices as a reference point for the design.

The Elegant Hotel Canvas is addressed to hotels with unique aesthetics and a demanding audience, who wish to promote their quality characteristics with the most discreet design while keeping the tools that will support their sales, both in terms of direct bookings and in terms of side services.

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