The Emerald Hotel Canvas is a fresh Hotelwize suggestion for modern and classy hotel websites. It expresses opulence, exclusivity, and dynamism, conveying a sense of luxury to every page and feature of the hotel's website.

Through dedicated pages and easy navigation, every single aspect and service of the hotel can be promoted efficiently, providing guests with clear and useful information for every service, experience, or accommodation option that they may prefer.

Through its sparkling design, the Emerald Hotel Canvas highlights the luxury ambiance that characterizes any hip hotel and allows website visitors to immerse in the exclusive experiences that they can enjoy during their stay in the hotel. Using asymmetrical design elements, the hotel website layout of the Emerald Hotel Canvas radiates a sense of activeness, uplifting the users' experience and improving its effectiveness and results.

Following the mobile-first design principles, the canvas ensures that every website visitor will have the best journey within its pages, whether using a desktop, a laptop, or a smartphone.

Combining a clear navigation structure, highlighted design features, and dedicated internal pages, the Emerald Hotel Canvas promotes every service and experience provided by the hotel or its affiliates in the most informative and efficient way.

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