Hotelwize, in collaboration with MNP, has created the Harmony Canvas, an exceptional website theme for high-end eclectic hotels seeking to showcase their unique character and create a lasting impression on potential guests.

The Harmony Canvas, designed by MNP, veers away from mainstream hotel website design templates and instead employs an extraordinary design that highlights the hotel's images and the aura of the property.

The Harmony Canvas is not only visually stunning but also highly functional. The canvas includes all the essential features of the Hotelwize Platform, such as an intuitive and user-friendly interface, dedicated pages for the hotel's services, amenities, and rooms, as well as an interactive map to showcase the hotel's location and nearby attractions.

Additionally, the Harmony Canvas incorporates advanced features such as Liquid e-Commerce and Web Content Personalization, allowing hotels to tailor their website content and marketing efforts to their guests' preferences and interests. With the Harmony Canvas, hotels can offer their guests a truly exceptional online experience that matches the high-end nature of their property.

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