Hotelwize's Multi Hotel Canvas is a hospitality website solution tailored to meet the needs of hotel chains seeking to establish a unified and compelling online presence for their properties.

Hotel chains can benefit from a well-designed website that presents information about all of their hotels in a concise and visually stunning manner.

The Multi Hotel Canvas is a comprehensive hospitality website solution that seamlessly integrates information from multiple hotel websites into a single, easy-to-navigate hotel group website, allowing hotel chains to present their properties in a consistent and compelling way, regardless of their location or type.

With features such as availability and rate dynamic information, destination information, and activity and experience differentiation, the Multi Hotel Canvas provides everything guests need to make informed decisions about their travel plans.

Multi Hotel Canvas highlights

  • Multi Hotel Canvas offers hotel chains a seamless and intuitive solution to showcase their properties and destinations with ease, providing customers with a memorable and effortless experience in selecting their ideal hotel.
  • By choosing Hotelwize's solution for hotel group websites, hotel chains can streamline their marketing efforts and elevate their brand presence by leveraging the benefits of economy of scale, ultimately increasing their customer base and revenue.
  • Multi Hotel Canvas empowers each hotel within the hotel group to manage their own information and updates, while ensuring the central marketing team retains control and consistency, resulting in a seamless and cohesive experience for the customer.
  • With its modern and fresh design, the canvas effectively showcases the unique features and experiences offered by each hotel property, providing a competitive edge and highlighting the exceptional offerings of the hotel chain.

The Multi Hotel Canvas requires the use of additional hotel websites by Hotelwize for each hotel, which can be combined within the hotel group's website, providing the flexibility of using either the same group domain, subdomains, or completely independent domains.

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