Hotel Website with a Performance reaching up to 99%

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The load speed of the content of a hotel website is one of the main factors that affect the quality of the user experience, playing a major role in the user's purchasing behavior. At the same time, it is also a major indicator among the data that search engines take into account for the classification of web pages in their results.

Especially for hotel websites distinguished for their many photos and demanding functions, achieving the best loading speed of their content may be a challenge which only few hotel website development companies can face effectively.

Hotelwize is the solution that gives you amazing performance in terms of speed and user experience.

Optimizing User Experience

One of the main issues many hotels have faced is the delay in displaying their content. Hotel websites are often loaded with a lot of content and several functions, such as a booking engine, price widget, pop-up offers, resulting in a severe delay in the appearance of the content.

Platforms widely used to develop generic websites, such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, or Drupal, do not offer a more efficient optimization method for the more demanding hotel websites. On the contrary, Hotelwize's solution has been developed with a clear focus on supporting hotel websites, achieving impressive speeds in displaying the content of your website.

Improving Ranking in Search Engines

Search engines have made it clear long ago that the speed at which content is displayed, both on desktop and laptop, as well as on tablets and smartphones, plays an important role in the ranking of websites. In particular, Google, with a recent amendment to its algorithm and related announcements, ranks as main indicators the Core Web Vitals:

  • Visual Loading
  • Interactivity
  • Visual Stability

To control website performance speed-wise, Google provides the PageSpeed Insights control tool. Websites developed by Hotelwize's platform achieve scores of up to 99%, thus ensuring the best user experience and effectively supporting your hotel's SEO actions.

Contact the Hotelwize team directly and learn more about how to get a hotel website with amazing performance in just 7 days!


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