Hotelwize Platform

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When a company chooses a new hotel website, it usually focuses on the aesthetics, the various effects that will impress the user and to some extent on the functionality of the website and the adequacy of the information it contains. However, what is usually overlooked, is actually one of the most basic parameters of a website's success: technology.

The technology used for the development of websites plays a crucial role both for the security of the hotel and its guests' data, as well as for the ranking of the website in search engines.

The most widely used open-source website development platforms, such as WordPress and Joomla, present important issues in the loading speed of their pages. It is not uncommon for hotel websites with impressive aesthetics, for which large sums have been invested, to lag behind in loading speed and create a negative experience for potential hotel guests. At the same time, the low speed load detected by search engine speed measurements has the effect of reducing their importance while crowding them out in organic search results, both on Google and other search engines.

In addition, the form of technology developed on open-source platforms used by the majority of website development companies leaves open "windows" for malicious actions by hackers, making the data of the property's guests vulnerable, leaving the hotel business exposed.

Hotelwize provides the solution

Recognizing these important performance and security issues, Hotelwize designed and implemented its platform based on state-of-the-art technology, which on the one hand high rockets the performance of a hotel page in terms of speed, while on the other hand protects it from hack-type malicious actions.


Hotelwize's platform ensures that the pages of a hotel website appear in a few milliseconds, while achieving a high-performance rate of up to 99% in Google's respective rating. Through the amazing loading speeds of Hotelwize's websites, the experience of hotel guests who trust our solution becomes excellent, while websites are rewarded by search engines such as Google and are displayed in higher positions in search results.


The architecture of displaying the content of Hotelwize pages blocks any hacking attempt on the pages of your website, protecting your guests' data and safeguarding your business against malicious actions. The Hotelwize platform has been developed using automatic static HTML file creation technology so that malicious users can't steal your content, upload fake content to your page, or install malware on your website.


Hotelwize's platform has already implemented the infrastructure so that you can connect to a range of carefully selected third-party services to enhance the functionality of your website, based on the needs of your property. For example, some of the main services that are already included are:

  • Booking Engines
  • Price Comparison Widget
  • Chat app
  • Booking Engine for Activities/Restaurants
  • Guest Reviews
  • Newsletter Services

Hotelwize's new platform has been developed by the company's experienced software engineer team, with extensive experience in the creation of hotel websites and of the specialized needs they have.

Through the new Control Panel of the platform the management of the content becomes very simple and enables every user to easily and immediately refresh the images and texts on their website, while at the same time Hotelwize's support team is always at the disposal of its customers.

Choose Hotelwize's solution for your hotel's website and take advantage of the innovations brought by the new platform of website development. Your hotel deserves this technology. Trust it to Hotelwize!


highlighting hotels' aesthetics

excellent adaptation to all devices

reaching performance up to 99% on Google

Easy to manage
innovative CMS to get complete control of your website

integrated with 3rd party apps to enhance your sales

anti-hacking architecture to keep fraud attempts away