Hotelwize offers the best themes for your hotel website with conversion oriented templates

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The website aesthetics of a hospitality company are one of the main factors of its success. While looking for the best template for a hotel website, the property can make a selection through a variety of alternatives. A hotel website theme can highlight the characteristics of the accommodation that will attract the visitor and convince him to choose this hotel for his stay in the best possible way.

How to choose the best theme for a hotel website

The best hotel website theme should be adapted to the specific characteristics of each accommodation. The same theme cannot be used both for luxury hotels in cosmopolitan islands and for rented apartments in the center of a big city. Each type of accommodation has its own special characteristics, and these should be taken seriously into account when creating the new website. The technology used to develop the internal template for a hotel website is another important factor that should be considered. The content of the website should be loaded immediately, and the navigation should be easy and safe. In addition, it is important that the hotel website template that will be chosen is customized for each type of screen (responsive design) but also accessible to the disabled. The best template for a hotel website must meet all these requirements.

How does Hotelwize develop a theme for a hotel website?

Hotelwize is a specialized solution for the creation of hotel websites. The years of experience of its designers in developing hotel websites, along with the know-how of both the special software engineers and the experienced tourism executives who are involved in the Hotelwize websites, allow Hotelwize to create the best theme for a hotel website, focused on the unique requirements of each type of accommodation. Hotelwize uses the term Canvas to describe the hotel website themes that we create, since they are designed in order to be flexible regarding their structure and specialized to the needs of each type of accommodation. Hotelwize's team analyzes the needs and elements that differentiate each type of accommodation and develops its Canvas focusing on these important features. Hotelwize's Canvases are not just themes, but real canvases on which each new hotel website is developed by our team.

Hotelwize provides specialized Canvases for each property

Depending on its needs, each hospitality company can choose the Canvas that best meets its requirements. Similarly, our flexible pricing policy is based on the needs of each type of accommodation, providing the best value-for-money template for hotel websites. The cost of developing a website for Villas, Apartments or Rooms for Rent is only 990 €. The Canvas collection for these accommodations also includes a number of alternatives, such as the Apartments & Suites Canvas. The websites for City Hotels, Summer Hotels, Winter Hotels or Multiple Accommodations are developed based on the respective canvases at a cost of 1590 €. An example of this group of canvases is the Cozy Hotel Canvas. For more demanding implementations, for Resort Hotels, Design Hotels and Business Hotels, the range of canvases includes a number of options, such as the Business Class Canvas at a cost of 2590 €.

Contact us today to choose the Canvas that best suits your accommodation, give us your content and our team will build your website in just 7 days! Call us at +302103005580 or email us at [email protected].


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