Should I choose a Freelancer, a DIY platform or Hotelwize?

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Searching for the best website for your hotel or vacation rental is a complex process and involves considering options from small companies and freelancers or "do it yourself" website creation platforms.

But what is the best alternative, what are the positive or negative aspects of each choice and is there a solution that combines the best qualities from all? Hotelwize has been developed to fill in the gaps of every alternative and enable you to acquire the website that will highlight your property and act as a valuable tool to promote and increase your sales.

The following table shows the characteristics of each selection. Of course, we can't refer to each company, professional or platform individually (there are always exceptions) but we have included the general elements that characterize each category, followed by a more extensive analysis of the available alternatives.

Freelancer or Hotelwize?

Small companies or freelancers who create hotel websites are often a good solution for a "professional website" at an affordable cost. The quality of the result varies of course depending on the skills of its executives in terms of technology and design quality.

Most commonly freelancers choose to setup ready-made themes using open source platforms (WordPress, Joomla, etc.). The challenges that these hotel website creators face are to provide a website of high aesthetics as if they were designers and on the other hand to follow the constant changes in the level of technological needs due to the evolution of technology (e.g. website speed) or changes in the legal framework (e.g. privacy) or changes in trends (e.g. booking excursions through the hotel's website).

In addition, depending on the staff employed by each company, the creation of the website may actually take a pretty long time. It is also common for the hotel not to get the support it may need after the publication of the website.

Hotelwize's solution on the other hand, keeps the cost of a new website at affordable levels, responding to all issues that may arise to a freelancer. The high aesthetics of Hotelwize websites are ensured by the company's award-winning designers, specialized in the development of hotel websites.

At the same time, the platform developed by Hotelwize's software engineering team ensures speed, security and support of all the main requirements regarding legal or social imperatives (e.g. website friendly to the disabled). While in terms of customer support, Hotelwize can ensure the delivery of the new website in just 7 days, and in terms of your support after the publication of your website the people of Hotelwize are always available for you.

So if wondering what to choose between a "Freelancer or Hotelwize", Hotelwize seems as the best choice for the new website of your hotel or rental as it offers you the solutions provided by large and experienced digital companies at very affordable prices.

Do-It-Yourself Website Builder or Hotelwize?

The logic of a "make it yourself" website builder is quite popular among business owners who want to have an internet presence at the lowest possible cost. But how effective and affordable is really this presence? Automated solutions of the "Do it yourself" type usually provide the possibility to add some basic website functions and immediately create a new website, without taking into account the overall aesthetics of the website and the user experience.

Speaking in general about the user experience, we refer to the feeling that the customer receives from the website, how tempting the accommodation becomes for him and whether the website will achieve its goals: to convince the customer to choose the accommodation and to book directly from the hotel website.

In fact, websites created through platforms such as "Do it yourself" are mainly procedural in nature and do not act as a real tool for promoting the hotel, while at the same time require too much effort from the owner or the staff of the property to build the website.

On the one hand the property reduces the cost by choosing the cheapest solution, but on the other hand it devotes time and effort for the creation of the website, a low-quality website that may result in revenue loss.

Hotelwize allows you to create a new website at the same speed as a "Do it yourself" website, while maintaining a high level of aesthetics and effectiveness. The new website can be ready in 7 days and all its development is carried out by the Hotelwize team.

All you have to do is give us the texts and images we will use. Through Hotelwize's flexible pricing policy specially designed for the needs of each type of accommodation, its websites are by far the best value-for-money solution for a new hotel website!

The answer to the question of choosing a "Do it yourself" or "Hotelwize" website is clear depending on the degree of professionalism that every entrepreneur seeks for his property. A DIY builder option is clearly an amateur internet presence option that can cost multiple problems to the property.

Freelancer, "Do-It-Yourself" or Hotelwize?

So what is the best solution between small companies and freelancers, "DIY" platforms and the Hotelwize solution?

Through the detailed presentation and comparison of alternatives, it becomes clear that Hotelwize provides the most comprehensive solution for hotels and rental accommodations, with a website of high aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology and excellent service, at affordable prices that meet the needs of each accommodation. Your hotel deserves this upgrade. Trust it to Hotelwize!


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