The added value of good hotel photography

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A hotel's website is the best channel of promotion in the digital world of hospitality, and the best way for a hotel to promote its accommodation options, services and overall guest experience.

The website's content undoubtedly plays a critical role and therefore a good hotel photo shoot is of utmost importance for the successful presence of the accommodation on the internet.

The quality and success of hotel websites relies to a large extent on the quality of the photo shoot, both for promoting the actual experience a guest will have in the hotel as well as for providing comprehensive information about the hotel facilities and accommodation options to potential guests.

The critical role of hotel photos

The photos account for most of the content of a hotel website and are considered one of the main tools for the effective promotion of the property. Through a series of attractive photographs, the hotel enhances its image and overall impression that potential guests have for the property, giving them an idea of its true value.

Beautiful and technically correct hotel images can have a catalytic role in increasing hotel sales, while moderate or bad photos are statistically proven to result in loss of bookings and revenue.

Hotel Website Photos

The importance of a good hotel photo shoot for the successful promotion of the property, also underlines the need for a professional photoshoot by a highly qualified hospitality photographer or agency, with experience in hotel photography and especially for use on websites.

It is important to keep in mind that a photo shoot for a hotel website should meet specific needs both in variety and themes as well as in terms of viewpoint and deliverables. The photos that will be taken for the hotel's website, can also be used in OTAs (where they will also play a significant role in the hotel's sales) as well as in other online or offline marketing actions.

It will be wrong, however, for a hotel website to exclusively use photographic material specifically taken for use in print advertising or some offline advertising, since the needs and requirements for each use are very different.

Need to use recent photos

One factor that should be taken into account is the need to use up-to-date photos. There are several examples of using old photographs that present an outdated picture of the accommodation, rooms or amenities that have a negative impact on either the sales or the overall guest experience.

At the same time, especially in sections referring to experiences or activities it is paramount to select photos that give guests a true sense of the actual experience either by using photos of real guests or models that can also be used in social media. It is important that the photos capture the authentic accommodation experience offered by the property as accurately as possible.

For many accommodations, photography is combined with the creation of a new website, which often creates a series of delays, especially for seasonal accommodations that are forced to wait for the beginning of the new tourist season with a multitude of challenges such as the preparation of hotel sites and the perfect weather conditions for the shooting.

On the contrary, if the photo shoot takes place when the hotel is fully operational (before or after the peak period), the result will be more successful and effective.

Photos on Hotelwize's hotel websites

Recognizing the importance of having good photographic material for a hotel website, Hotelwize is in continuous collaboration with both its customers and the professional photographers they choose, in order to obtain the photographic result that will work positively for the property and bring out the website. Through the best practices that the Hotelwize's team of experts suggests, the photos used can bring the best result for the hotel's website.

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