A hotel website is undoubtedly the main medium for the hotel’s promotion and sales through the internet. Through its website the property showcases its image, amenities, accommodation options, location and services, not only to guests who choose to make a direct reservation but also to travelers who will complete their booking from another channel, as well as its partners and the general public.

It is therefore clear that the need for the development of a website as early as possible is a priority, especially for new businesses that want to create awareness and promote their new property.

The solution to the problem for the immediate acquisition of an impressive and effective website is given by Hotelwize, that has made it easy for hotels to enjoy a new website in just 7 days!

Impressive hotel website in 7 days

The hotel websites developed by Hotelwize are based on special canvases designed by expert, award-winning designers, based on the specificities and needs of each type of accommodation.

Through thorough design and development, Hotelwize’s canvases become the best base on which hotel websites are created.

Thus, a new website can be created in just 7 days from the delivery of all the content, ensuring the quality of the result that Hotelwize guarantees.

Immediate and easy development of a new website

The creation of the new website requires only minimal action on your part. After you deliver your content (texts and photos), Hotelwize’s team incorporates it into the canvas you have chosen in collaboration with our team of experts, adapts its aesthetics to the image of your Brand and delivers your new website immediately!

From then on, you have the opportunity to make any change of content you wish through an easy content management system, while at the same time the Hotelwize support team is at your disposal for any further need.

Don’t wait up. Call us at +302160704050 or send us an e-mail at [email protected] and learn how to get your very own new website in just 7 days!