Hotelwize Platform for the development of hotel websites

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Hotelwize is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and advanced softwares for the development of hotel websites. Hotelwize's state-of-the-art technology-winning platform includes several features and functions that make it the best solution for creating a new hotel website.

Hotelwize's Websites are distinguished for the amazing speed of content display, for the high levels of security with anti-hacking architecture, for the wide range of interfaces with third-party applications, but also for the easy-to-use CMS that enables users to refresh the content of their website easily and instantly.


Hotelwize ensures the appearance of the content of the hotel websites it develops at amazing speeds, excelling at Google's speed tests with a performance of up to 99%. Unlike the usual open-source platforms used for website development and/or custom solutions aimed at websites of various industries, Hotelwize's platform focuses on the specific requirements of hotel websites, optimizing its architecture to serve their specific needs.

The speed of content display on Hotelwize's hotel websites guarantees the best user experience for potential hotel guests.


The architecture of the development and promotion of the pages of Hotelwize's websites ensures the highest level of security and data protection of hotels and of their guests. Through the practice of automatic creation of static HTML files, any action to add fake content or install malware from malicious users is blocked.


One of the main challenges on hotel websites is their interconnection with third-party applications and their smooth operation. Services such as booking engines and price presentation widgets are functions that are now found on a variety of websites, but they often cause issues such as web page malfunction or overload. Hotelwize develops custom plugins to connect the main third-party applications with the platform and websites it develops, ensuring their flawless integration and operation.

Apps already connected to Hotelwize's platform include the most popular solutions of Booking Engines, Price Comparison Widgets, Chat, Activity & Restaurant Booking Engines, Customer Reviews and Newsletter Services.


Hotelwize's platform is designed to provide ease of use for every user, regardless of their familiarity with similar content development platforms. Through a simple and clear hotel website CMS, each user can easily and immediately refresh the content of his website.

At the same time, the ability to create unlimited backups, allows users to make any changes without stress, since their website can easily revert to its previous state at any time. Hotelwize's platform gives tourism professionals all the technological features needed to get the best possible result for their hotel website.

Contact the Hotelwize team directly at [email protected] or +30 2103005580 and learn more about how to take advantage of the technological advancements of our platform for your new website!


highlighting hotels' aesthetics

excellent adaptation to all devices

reaching performance up to 99% on Google

Easy to manage
innovative CMS to get complete control of your website

integrated with 3rd party apps to enhance your sales

anti-hacking architecture to keep fraud attempts away