Hotelwize offers the best platform including CMS for hotel websites

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The process of choosing the best solution for the development of a hotel website should focus among other things on the easy content upgrade. The existence of a user-friendly CMS for hotel website will enable the property itself to have full control over the content of its website.

What is CMS?

The acronym CMS corresponds to the term Content Management System. CMS is a software that allows users to effectively develop, manage and modify the content of a website, enabling them to refresh the information of their website at any time.

What features should the best CMS for hotel website have?

A great variety of software options for website content management are available worldwide. Some of them are complicated, some are easier to use, some are suitable for businesses and others are mainly for personal use. Some have been developed to serve specific needs, others are open-source and free of charge. But what are the key points an accommodation should take into account in order to choose the best hotel website CMS? Hotel websites have specific needs and requirements. They are not just informative websites sharing information. They feature impressive designs, many photos, dynamic maps, a booking process and a range of elements that require a specialized CMS for hotel website. And above all they need a handy interface that will allow the hotel staff to easily change the content of the website, such as photos, offers and useful information.

Specialized CMS for hotel website by Hotelwize

Hotelwize's new platform provides the best technology for hotel websites. The Content Management System for hotels has been developed solely on the basis of the needs of hospitality companies. Achieving high content display speeds, with performance at Google's PageSpeed Insights controls that reaches 99%, optimizing the booking process, providing the maximum level of security and interconnecting with the best hotel apps, Hotelwize offers the best hotel website CMS.

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highlighting hotels' aesthetics

excellent adaptation to all devices

reaching performance up to 99% on Google

Easy to manage
innovative CMS to get complete control of your website

integrated with 3rd party apps to enhance your sales

anti-hacking architecture to keep fraud attempts away