The Importance of Speed in Hotel Websites

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One of the biggest challenges that hotel websites are facing is to combine the high aesthetics required to attract new customers with the speed at which their pages are loaded. There are many examples where - otherwise impressive - websites create a negative browsing experience due to the delay they experience when displaying their content. On the other hand, wanting to improve the quality of their results, the largest search engines, with Google at the top of the list, have set as a main factor for improving the position of a website, the high speed at which its pages appear.

How do we measure the speed of a website?

The obvious way to check the speed at which a website displays its content is by opening it in the browser of our computer or smartphone. However, this measurement is not the most objective as it also depends on other factors, such as the speed of our connection and the equipment we use. There are several applications on the internet where one can check the performance and speed of a website. One of the most popular and reliable is that of Google itself. All you need to do to check the performance of your website is to get to the PageSpeed Insights webpage and enter the address of your website. The application will show you the overall score of your website (on a scale of 0 to 100) along with the points in need of improvement.

What do I need to do to increase the speed of my website?

Check the report given to you by PageSpeed Insights and discuss the topics that appear in it with the company that developed your website. Some of these issues are critical and important and others are small issues that have no actual impact on the evaluation of your website. Be sure to deal with the critical points so that they are eliminated, so that your website's rating rises to at least over 50 and gets as close as possible to the optimal score of 90-100.

Hotelwize stands out with performances of up to 99!

Most hotel websites are created on open-source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magenta, which cannot achieve significant speed results. At the same time, if the server hosting the website is geographically far from the user's location, then there is an additional delay. Hotelwize's Platform has been created with a particular focus on technology optimization and speed performance using an architecture that creates static HTML pages when users visit your website, resulting in hotel websites created by Hotelwize achieving scores of up to 99, which has a direct impact on both the user experience and search engine rankings! In addition, the architecture of the Hotelwize platform, using geo-replication technology ensures the fast appearance of the website without any reductions in speed from whichever country in the world the user chooses to visit your hotel website.

Trust Hotelwize for the new online presence of your property and take advantage of the high speeds achieved through Hotelwize's cutting-edge technology. Your hotel deserves this performance. Trust it to Hotelwize!


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