Customer Service at Hotelwize is lifted to a whole other level

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The customer service philosophy by tourism professionals, especially in countries with a high sense of hospitality, is one of their main weapons in achieving the greatest possible satisfaction for their customers!

The hoteliers also seek the same level of customer service they offer to their customers to be provided to them by their partners. Hotelwize is a solution developed not only by designers and software engineers with experience in hotel websites but also by professionals in the hotel industry, who have succeeded in implementing the philosophy of customer service into technology.

Hotelwize places the hotel business at the heart of all its operations and ensures that it provides a high-level customer support experience.

Analysis of the Needs of the Accommodation

Each property is special, with special features and objectives. Contact our team and let's discuss the overall operating framework of your unit and how this interacts with the online reality. Together we will identify the points we should focus on to promote your accommodation and choose the best design for your new website.

Immediacy - new website in just 7 days

Once you choose the canvas that best suits your property, Hotelwize's service team guides you through the process of collecting the material for your new website. When we receive the material, we are committed that your new website will be ready in just 7 working days!

Service even after launch!

At Hotelwize we believe that besides the support for the immediate and easy creation of a hotel website, it is equally important to support each accommodation after the launch of the website.

Our team is at your disposal for everything that may arise after the creation of the website.

Hotelwize's solution for hotels and accommodation rentals is the most professional choice for creating your new website. In addition to the excellent result in aesthetics, functionality, and safety,

Hotelwize puts the needs of our partners first and makes sure to provide excellent service. Your hotel deserves this service. Trust it to Hotelwize!


highlighting hotels' aesthetics

excellent adaptation to all devices

reaching performance up to 99% on Google

Easy to manage
innovative CMS to get complete control of your website

integrated with 3rd party apps to enhance your sales

anti-hacking architecture to keep fraud attempts away